Hall of Fame


Battlefieldkille, has been playing on the server for a really long time and he became Server Admin to support the team and later on started sorting out all bad maps and selected good maps for the community to use. Later one he started mapping his own maps and fixing older outdated maps. But he did not get enough credits for this amazing job.


MakingKillBR spend hours on the server before becoming a Server Administrator on Zombie Survival, he spend his time keeping bad players out of the server and done his job well. He did make the zombie survival server a better place as we were low on staff at the time.


Jenoxen was a Server Administrator on our DarkRP server and really did his job well on protecting the servers against rulebreakers and took alot of effort to get this done. Later on he provided the Server Owner with suggestions on how to improve the server but sadly this helping hand quit due to a argue between the Server Owner, Him and another Staff member that was being a dick.


Winston, was a good guy in Zombie Survival working as Moderator. Just doing his tasks like everyone should, sadly he left due inactivity. Thanks for your participation


These ex-staff did great in making the server great again, that's why there participation has been honoured on here. Sadly, they have left the staff-team/server/community for personal reasons.

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